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Early Investment Focus

We seek to create a strategic advantage by being early investors in private companies.

Experienced Team

We’re a team of entrepreneurs and investors bringing a dynamic perspective to the investment process. 

Interest Alignment

Paramount to our strategy is proper alignment of our investment goals with that of our limited partners and portfolio companies. 

Investment Focus

Our Primary Areas of Interest

Autonomous Technology

We believe autonomous machinery will reduce the cost of current applications to one tenth, spurring widespread adoption. Advancements in this sector will increase productivity and reduce costs.


We believe robotics will increase productivity and wage growth. Robotics has the potential to shift unpaid labor to paid labor. Resulting in widespread adoption and significant revenue opportunities.

Fintech Innovation

We’re looking for innovations in mobile payments, digital wallets, p-2-p lending, blockchain technology, and risk transformation. Every sector of the global economy will be impacted by these innovations.

Innovations In Real Estate

The digital transformation of the real estate sector stands to disrupt issues related to supply constraints and tedious leasing and payment processes. Waves of innovations in this sector will greatly impact the global markets.

Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning

Innovations in deep learning and artificial intelligence could be the most important technology breakthrough of our time. Innovations in this space could turbocharge every industry.

Cloud Computing & Cybersecurity

We believe innovations in this space will have a long standing place in the future global economy and transform the way will interact with and share information across the Internet. 

Our Story

Capitalizing On Market Inefficiency

The world we live in is changing rapidly. Innovations in multiple industries are taking shape and dramatically transforming the way we interact with products and services. Capitalizing on these innovations and taking advantage of market inefficiencies through arbitrage investing strategies can deliver substantial alpha. Glennwick is focused on early stage investment opportunities where our arbitrage strategy can be executed across various levels of a firms capital stack.  

Did you know that

We have invested in some of the coolest companies!

More Than An Investor

We help realize rare potential.
To do this, we are partners at an early stage.

  • We focus on Investments at Seed, Series A, and SPAC.
  • We play to win. Fiercely competitive to help build market-defining companies.
  • Trust and accountability to each other and acting collaboratively.
  • We believe reputation means everything. It is hard to achieve, must be earned every day, and is easy to lose.

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    What We Look For

    Key Investment Criteria
    Market Potential (min)
    Est. Revenue (min year 3)

    Our goal is to strategically invest in innovative and disruptive technology companies.

    Chad G. JenkinsManaging Partner, Glennwick


    • The team at Glennwick was instrumental in helping us reorganize our company and fund operations for a relaunch after the 2020 pandemic.

      Eric Clark

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